Just a little background.

I am a northerner. Not quite a Geordie, but I know the North East pretty well. I was born and grew up in North West Durham, and lived and worked in Gateshead for more than 30 years. However, I lived in Berkshire from 2008 to 2018, following a job change.

I thoroughly enjoyed this period, apart from being so far away from family and friends. I was a deputy head teacher of a primary school , and I taught Y6 for 15 years, after a long career taking in all age groups from 4 to 16. For the last three years of my career I was a head teacher, and I retired in 2018.

Then we moved back to the northeast. My leisure time, as you may imagine, has increased hugely. I love sewing, reading, walking, cycling and pottering in the garden. I also like cooking, but not in the style of Masterchef.

I enjoyed my job, but I am glad the stress and pressure has ended.