Me Made May 2021 Edition

So May is here again. Everyone is saying it – the year has gone really quickly, and yet really slowly. Now is the time for the pledges to be considered and decided, and here am I joining in, and formulating my pledge.

I have been thinking back to last year, and how I worked through my MMMay in the relatively early stages of the global catastrophe which played out through 2020. I carried out an audit of my wardrobe, and looked at not only what I had, but also at the comparison between RTW and Memade, considereing how much I wore of everything. I kept a log for each day, and at the end of it had a few lists. If you’re really interested, I did write a blog about what I found out. But the main gist was: that I discovered unworn treasures, I collected items which could be re-fashioned, and I made a small pile of things to donate. Me Made May 2020 – the findings

One thing I realised was that wardrobe audits need to be fairly regular. So, although I am not going all out like I did last year, I am going to use May again as an audit, to establish where I am with my wardrobe.

The problem with 2020, of course, was that it was not a normal enough year to be able to judge exactly how well the wardrobe worked. Hopefully 2021 will give more insight into what works and what doesn’t, but it’s still not going to be a normal year, as I won’t be travelling much. However, I will be going “out” more – I hope!

I maintain an approach to my clothes following the principals of slow fachion and sustainability, as far as I can, and during lockdown I wore older clothes which still had some life in them, so saving my “good” clothes. Last year I made eleven new items for myself, and bought only underwear and shoes. This year so far I have made four things for myself – all of which are on my MakeNine21. I didn’t carry out any of the alterations I planned, but that was mainly because I didn’t need them last year. So this year, I am going to look at that list and make re-fashioning and mending part of my pledge.

Patrick Grant was on “The One Show” last night, and basically repeated what I have heard before – that the most sustainable clothes are the ones you already have, and we can really help the cause of slow fashion by wearing things for much longer. I certainly do that as much as I can. Some of what I wear is more than ten years old! Although, I have been guilty in the past of getting rid too quickly. Nothing ever goes in the bin now!!!

So to the pledge:

  • During May I pledge to wear one memade item every day
  • I pledge to re-fashion at least one older item each week
  • I pledge to re-evaluate my clothes collection to establish what I need and don’t need
  • I pledge to mend at least two items each week.

Well, there it is. It looks quite a lot, but I think I can do it. Having made the pledge, I hope to maintain my focus through the month, and I will post when I can. At the end of the month I hope to have a list of possible future makes in addition to what is already on my Make Nine.

Of course, I’m never short of things to sew – there’s the growing granddaughters to keep up with, masks to make, and sometimes gifts too.

Happy May everyone! I look forward to seeing everyone’s posts, which I find truly inspiring.

2 thoughts on “Me Made May 2021 Edition

  1. Shame that the sewing bee doesn’t highlight some techniques of how to refashion and recycle. I’m sure that’s the intention of the second round but to my mind it just shows them cutting up perfectly wearable garments and turning them into unwearable ones. I know that round has its haters and lovers.
    Good luck with your me made May pledges 💕🧵


    1. Thank you! I agree with you about the transformation challenge. I certainly wouldn’t wear anything that has been made. I don’t think there is enough time to make something good, either in terms of design or finish.

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