Time to Look Forward

So, we’re beginning a new year, continuing in much the same style as we ended the last one, LOCKDOWN! Which means that I feel differently this year about my sewing plans, to the way I have felt for the last … ooh!….. five or six years. But I love planning – it’s in my nature to keep myself organised.

I have been planning MakeNines since 2018 – but never completed them. Doh! So, I decided to keep up with my tradition, and I’ve done one for this year too. However, I am taking a more steady approach, because I don’t have the need for as many clothes. Firstly, due to not having anywhere to go, but secondly, because of all of the time we’ve had to audit and organise our wardobes, I have identified fewer gaps anyway.

My Makenine takes account of this. So, in no particular order of priority, here it is:

Toaster#2 sweatshirt, by SewHouseSeven. I do need another cosy sweater, for wearing around the house as much as for going out. I have fancied trying this version for a while, because I like the look of the funnel style neckline and the relaxed fit. I’ve already made Toaster#1 a few times, and I really like that one, so trying this seems to be a good idea. I have a lovely dark grey fleece backed jersey earmarked for this. (In fact it’s in production as I type!)

Willow Tank, by Grainline. I love this pattern, and I have several already. This time I would like to have a go at scrapbusting in the way I have seen people using their scraps of viscose in a patchwork style. A bit of fun!

White cotton t-shirt. I have the cotton jersey for this already. I am a sucker for a white top! However, I haven’t decided on the pattern – possibly Lark by Grainline? Possibly a Molly top by Sew Over It, without sleeves? Not sure yet.

Zadie jumpsuit by PaperTheory. This would be my second, and I have some lovely teal double gauze, already in my stash, in mind to make a cosier, more relaxed version.

Clare coat by Closet Core. I have wanted to make a coat for a while and I love the shape and the collar of this version. I bought some tartan coating in 2018 from Just Sew in Penrith, but I need to collect all of the other notions and fabrics before I can really get started. The pattern was a birthday present in December.

Culottes. I don’t know exactly which pattern or fabric, but I would like another pair. I can remember the eighties and nineties when I had loads of different pairs of culottes! Love them! I have made the Ultimate Culottes by Sew Over It, but I like the look of the Flint pattern too.

Blackwood cardigan by Helen’s Closet. This is a TNT pattern for me – I have made it so many times. But through last year I identified the need for a black one. I don’t have the fabric yet.

Bag/tote. No pattern, so I will probably make it up based on ideas I have seen, but I’m going to use scraps of various kinds from my collection. Let’s see how it goes!

Butterick B5616 I have made this before, but this time I will make it as a relaxed mid season almost jeans style jacket, possibly lined, but not insulated exactly. I have some corduroy which I could use for this, but I haven’t definitely decided.

So, it’s a collection which includes quite a few “long” projects. Let’s face it, there’s no hurry to finish anything these days. But I intend to weave into this loose plan some other things, such as mending at least one item each month, or refashioning something. I would like to keep sustainability in mind, which is why I don’t just want to keep making things I don’t really need – no matter how much I like them.

Of course, there’s always the littlies to cater for – they don’t stop growing. There are three little girls now. Two tots, and a new baby over in Ireland. So there will always be the need for new tops, leggings and hoodies.

I have always kept lists and plans, but my sewing journal will be more organised this year – in its own special book. It includes my MakeNine, other plans, a sewing diary, a list of things completed, challenges, purchases…… need I go on?? It means that, if I’m not sewing, I can write about sewing!

So, there are my plans. But, as I always say, it doesn’t really matter if I don’t keep to them exactly, they are just there as a prompt if ever I need one.

Happy New Year! Happy Sewing! Stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Time to Look Forward

  1. What a great selection of patterns! I really look forward to seeing the scrap-busting willow. I’m never brave when it comes to combining fabrics (and I’ve got plenty of scraps). I could do with some inspiration!


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