A quick look back

I know that it’s the time to concentrate on 2021, but it’s so long since my last blog (October) that I thought I would just do a quick review of what I’ve done since then. December was so busy – mainly with sewing – that I didn’t get a chance to concentrate on blog writing.

One of the biggest projects was a third version of Dawn jeans, this time in indigo denim, which I finished at the end of October. The second was a pair of shorts which I completed in August hoping to wear on a holiday to Jersey – but that didn’t happen!

Then I got stuck into Christmas sewing.

My son asked me ages ago for a quilt cover for little girl’s toddler quilt. I managed to source suitably wide cotton in a pretty Bambi print, and I finished this in time to ship to Ireland before Christmas. I added a little toddler tote bag to the parcel, and a knitted Nativity. My fingers were smoking getting all of this done!

Fot Christmas I made a t-shirt / dungaree set for her, and that had to be done in time to be in the parcel as well. I used Made by Jack’s Mum patterns – Pick and Mix Tee and Heyday Dungarees. The dungarees were in left over soft corduroy gifted by my daughter, and the Tee was a lovely cotton spandex from 1st For Fabrics in North Tyneside, the dungaree facings made from the quilt cover fabric.

Parcel posted – then I start on another tee / dungaree set for baby girl in England. I used denim left over from my Dawn shorts for the dungarees, and the same cotton spandex for the tee.

She also got a knitted Nativity. This is from a pattern book lent to me by a friend. It’s easy to knit but fiddly to put together. Still fun, and I got better at it as I went on.

I decided to make my three close friends some knitted mittens, so the knitting needles didn’t stop. Then I found that I had enough wool to knit my daughter some as well. More knitting.

Looking at my stash, I had the idea of making some table mats for daughter two, to go with the new dinner set I knew she was getting from someone else. It started by being just a Christmas runner, then it snowballed into 6 mats and coasters as well, with heat proof batting (from 1st For Fabrics).

On to present wrapping, and I didn’t buy any new wrapping paper or gift tags. I used some brown paper which I decorated, and I cut out gift tags from last year’s Christmas cards. But I also sewed up several simple gift bags using fabric from my scrap bag, and bits of ribbon which I have collected over the years.

So between sewing machine and knitting needles my fingers were never still throughout most of November right up until Christmas week. Then I had a rest! Nothing between Christmas and New Year. But I received some lovely sewing related gifts – for my December birthday as well as Christmas – so I’m ready to get going again.

Look out for my future plans! I may get the chance to write a blog about my Dawns, and the dungaree sets, but let’s see what 2021 brings.

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