The Children’s Edition

It’s been a long wait, but here are my experiences with some very popular patterns I sewed over the summer- the Pic N Mix Tee and Lightning leggings, both by Made by Jack’s Mum, and the Geranium dress by Made by Rae. Then there is a dungaree pattern by Burda, and a sunhat which was a free download from Merriment Design.

I started the children’s collection way back in June, ready for baby girl’s birthday on 1st July. Then after that went on to make more to send to my little Irish girl.

So, the Pic N Mix Tee.

I love this pattern. I have made 5 so far, and they are awesome. (Although my attempt at a crotch fastening body suit was not so successful, so the bottom got chopped off.)

Snaps put in the wrong place. Doh!

I love that there are so many variations for the neckline, and the sleeve length, as well as possibilities for hacking.

I used a few different fabrics, three were left overs from tops I made for my daughter, one was fabric from one of my old t-shirts, and one was from new fabric. The neck bindings were different each time – some were cut from the same fabric and some were bought ribbed binding (great stuff to use!). The most favoured neckline for the baby was the envelope, and I was pleased with how easy this was to do. For the toddler I made a round neck. Also, for the toddler, I added a cuff at the hem because I wanted it to be longer, but the piece of fabric didn’t allow me to cut it that way. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

The Lightning leggings

Another awesome pattern. Only two pieces, if you choose the elastic waist version. I made a total of five pairs of these – and only one of them has the cuff band. In fact, I probably wouldn’t do the cuff waistband again, but if I did I would increase the crotch rise. Again, I used left overs mostly, but I did search for denim look jersey so that one of the pairs could be made up as jeggings. These were not as successful in my view, because the stretch isn’t as good, so the legs are a bit tight when I put them on. Mum and Dad like them though.

The other pattern I love is the Geranium dress. I have now made two of these, one from swapped fabric and one from leftover viscose. The swapped fabric is a lovely lightweight denim style cotton in pastel plaid, the viscose a dark navy with little swans, and all the lining fabric is leftover cream viscose which I have had in my scraps pile since 2017. It has been used for so many things! This fabric just kept on giving.

One other brilliant thing about these patterns is that they don’t stop at baby sizes. The Pic N Mix Tee goes up to age 4, the Geranium dress to age 5, and the Lightning leggings even up to age 12! The leggings pattern also has different fitting options, including with or without nappy – cloth or disposable. So I’m definitely not finished with these yet!

For baby girl, I made a sunhat using a free download from Merriment Design. This is the second one I’ve made for her, and this time I enlarged the crown and made the rim pleated. This is also swapped cotton fabric.

The two things I made which were less successful were a pair of dungarees and a romper hacked from the same patten – Burda 9652. The problem is that they are HUGE! They look fine on the hanger, but not on her. So maybe she’ll be able to wear them next summer, or maybe I’ll have to take them back and re-fashion completely. I even added snaps on the inside leg seam for nappy changing. Hey Ho!

I like sewing for the little ones, and I love seeing them wearing the stuff I’ve made, but I always feel a bit sad when they’ve grown out of them. That’s the one thing that puts me off making little clothes. Especially when I can buy three t-shirts for £6 in a supermarket.

So here is a gallery of the clothes in action.

So, I haven’t caught all of the stuff, but children are notoriously difficult to keep still!

You get the idea !

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