Flashback to summer – I made a Zadie!

Yes, I have joined the Zadie club. (If you remember, I joined the Ogden club too! I have been seduced by the visions of summer patterns!) I really fancied the idea of a jumpsuit, after seeing so many everywhere..... in the shops.... on the sewing blogs..... people wearing them..... etc. etc. I did my research … Continue reading Flashback to summer – I made a Zadie!

Good by Summer; Hello Autumn

Do you put your summer clothes away in winter? I do. I know people who don't, and they cope with colder weather by wearing extra layers over their Willow tanks and Ogden camis. Well, that doesn't work for me. I must feel the cold more than people who do that, because I need all of … Continue reading Good by Summer; Hello Autumn