I made my first Zadie in 2019. I saw lots of versions on social media which I thought looked great, and I liked the relaxed fit and wide legs, even though I have always been wary of wrap fronts. So I chose a cotton fabric from 1st For Fabrics in North Tyneside, and set to. … Continue reading Zadie

My Journey to an Overlocker

In all the years I have been sewing, I have managed to sew a wide range of things with relatively simple machines. The first machine I ever used was my mum's Singer treddle - I really don't know how old it was then, in the late 60s, (it is still in my brother's house!), but … Continue reading My Journey to an Overlocker

Confidence, imagination and accuracy – get the balance right.

I have done a fair bit of pattern hacking and clothing alterations in my time, and usually with a reasonable outcome. It was uppermost in my mind when I set out on the last few projects, that I really needed to feel confident that what I was doing would work. So, when you start hacking … Continue reading Confidence, imagination and accuracy – get the balance right.